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We are the first in Pakistan who incidence the Modern State of the Arts Meat Shops

Zenith is a leading meat processing company and verified for its quality products by the Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP), Which is a systematic preventative approach to food that addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection. Zenith blends health and Hygiene to deliver the finest healthy meat all the time.


Zenith associates, the Company is one of the largest suppliers of Halal Meat (both in Retail and Export) in Pakistan since 1995.

The Sole Company of Meat having its own Slaughtering House in Pakistan.

Our most Modern Abattoir has separate portions for large animals (Beef) and small animals (Mutton). These plants are equipped with the “State of the Art” machinery imported from the world's leading manufacturers. In order to meet the strict standards, set by the developed countries, Zenith adopts the finest and latest methods for processing meat at its Abattoir. Having the latest equipment and qualified doctors and technical staff, the Zenith Lab ensures the quality of our products.


At Zenith, animals are slaughtered strictly according tothe islamic laws and principles.

Post mart-em, examining an animal after slaying is an essential phase of slaughtering to ensure the quality of meat. We are diligently catering to the needs of millions of consumers at home and abroad. The popularity of Zenith meat is growing fast with national costumers who prefer and love to consume delicious meat. Our consumer's trust encourages us to insha-Allah launch more sales outlets nationwide.

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About The Livestock Policy

Zenith plant is based in the Punjab provenance of Pakistan. The land the land of five rivers with its natural grazing fields helps build animals that yield meat with delicious taste. We select a healthy animal for our plant. After receiving the livestock our doctor ensures health and quality of live animal in their ante mortem phase. We simply reject the animal which do not come up to our standard.


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