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Food Safety is our Priority

Certified to halal standards, Zenith has been a pioneer in the supply of healthy and fresh meat. It is a trendsetter in ensuring careful and precise livestock selection and slaying of animal and cutting and supply of meat. It is equipped with food safety skills and knowledge appropriate to themeat handling activities. As a leading meat and poultry processor, Zenith ensures that its plant premises, xtures, ttings, equipment and transport vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Routine internal cleaning and sanitation inspections are undertaken, and records maintained for corrective action taken on any identied issues

This meticulous way of providing healthy meat to our honoured customers has earned Zenith a distinctive fame. Zenith follows the international standards in providing its valued customers hygienic and healthy meat. Healthy livestock carefully chosen from the grazing areas of Punjab by our expert vets are slain according to Islamic injunctions at its state-of-the-art plant. The meat is cut in a hygienic environment and transported in chiller vans to keep it fresh.

We keep animals stress-free throughout the process. The whole environment is kept purposefully calm, with no loud noises or bright lights. Before they realize what is going on they are slaughtered and their blood is drained. The whole thing takes roughly a minute. The carcasses are marked for safety and quality. Everything in this area is orderly, sparkling clean and refrigerator cold. The meat cutting area is mesmerizing with expert sta carving out tenderloins and briskets with awe-inspiring speed and accuracy. There is a precise tracking system so that every piece of meat can be traced back to a specic animal.

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